American vehicle owners are welcomed in both camping areas – Krahviaed (the castle backyard) and Promenaadi/African beach.

General information:

  • Only american vehicles are allowed to camp in Krahviaed and Promenaadi/African beach.
  • The entrance to Krahviaed and Promenaadi/African beach is with festival wristband only! To exchange your ticket for wristband please go to the ticket sales point in front of the castle yard.
  • Camping areas are opened on Friday 12:00
  • There is catering in both tenting areas, where it is possible to buy food and beverages.
  • There is one way traffic in tenting areas, please pay attention to the traffic signs.
  • Do not throw carbage on the ground, use carbage cans
  • We kindly ask you to treat the tenting areas as your own back yard, do not ruin the grass or other surfaces, trees or bushes.
  • It is strictly prohibited to make fire
  • Do not leave your valuable belonings unattended in the tent or nearby

Promenaadi tenting area is located right beside the sea and people who want a bit calmer environment are welcomed there. Krahviaed is suggested for guests who rather enjoy the nightlife.

Promenaadi tenting area is located only 300m away from the ticket sales point/Castle yard – it is 1 minute drive by vehicle and around 4 minutes on foot.


In case you are coming with non-american vehicle:

All non-american cars can still park on the green area and bird-watching point near Vee street (see the map).

  • Camping is without wrist band.
  • We kindly ask to maintain cleanliness!
  • Do not leave your personal belongings unattended!