Promenaadi beach is this year open for camping!

Because of small excavation works in the backyard of the beautiful castle (Krahviaed), we have also made Promenaadi beach as our second official camping area. The digging area is a very small part of the Krahviaed. All the digging area parts are well marked, but please pay attention.

Krahviaed and Promenaadi are both surrounded with fence and entrance is only with festival wrist band. Only american vehicles or motorcycles are both welcomed inside the tenting area. We kindly ask you to treat the tenting areas as your own backyard, do not ruin the grass or other surfaces, throw the garbage only in the garbage cans. It is forbidden to make fire in the tenting area, for your own safety!

Promenaadi tenting area is located right beside the sea and people who want a bit calmer environment are welcomed there. Krahviaed is suggested for guests who enjoy the nightlife and do not get upset on the neighbour who’s music is playing all night long.

There is catering in both tenting areas, where it is possible to buy food and drinks. Inside Promenaadi tenting area is also big children’s playground, where the smallest people in the family can spend their time.

People with non-american cars can still park on the green area near Vee street.