Only American vehicles can enter the camping/tenting area. Non-American car owners can tent near Vee Street (see the map below).

Only wristbands provide entrance to the tenting area!
PS! Only Saturday and 2-day tickets provide entrance to the tenting area (Friday ticket does not give a passage to the tenting area)!

Tenting rules:

* Only American vehicles, motorcycles, minibuses and caravans can enter the tenting area

* Traffic is one-way, entrance is next to the Caste yard main entrance, exit to Vaba Street

* Campfire is strictly forbidden (grilling is allowed)

* Keep it clean and tidy, throw your garbage to the garbage cans

* Activities that may harm the green area or roads are forbidden

* Entrance to tenting area is only with American Beauty Car Show wristbands, there is no extra tenting area ticket. People without the wristbands are not allowed in the tenting area.


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